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In which I drop out of nowhere ...


I know it looks weird - the post before my latest (Apr 30) is from November 2015, a gap of over three years. I was here for a little while, met some wonderful people and had a blast. Then I started having some health issues and I took what I thought would be a short break that turned out to be longer. Also, around that time Booklikes was misbehaving, and I deleted all my non-review posts and all my shelves (which I now regret, of course) thinking I was done with here. 


During my three-year plus absence, I took up mobile photography, resigned my job of over 15 years, took a year-long break, got another job, lost my father, my grandfather, one of my dearest friends and a cousin. Not necessarily in this order. I also read a lot.


From the end of 2015 to present, I read 304 books, including:


  • 27 Georgette Heyer books (only 10 left to go and I'd have read all 57!)
  • 20 Betty Neel books (these were all read last month)
  • 3 different Bible translations for my yearly reading (LEB, NIV, MEV)
  • 14 Agatha Christie books (reread the Miss Marples plus And Then There Were None)
  • The Farseer Trilogy (my sister went on to read the entire Realm of the Elderlings series but my heart just couldn't go on)
  • 8 Anna Katharine Green books (I'm determined to finish that 25-book collection and I only have 5 books remaining)
  • 9 books in the Lara McClintoch Archaeological Mystery series by Lynn Hamilton (only two left)
  • 5 books in the Gideon Oliver Mystery series by Aaron Elkins
  • 5 books in the Adam Dalgliesh series by P D James
  • The entire Sherlock Holmes collection (excluding the Sign of Four, which I read before my break from Booklikes)
  • 6 of the Rabbi Small Mysteries by Harry Kemelman (I think I'm now halfway through)
  • 13 Irene Hannon books (didn't realize I had read that many!)
  • The entire Lord Peter Wimsey series by Dorothy Sayers (definitely a major highlight of my 2017 reading)
  • 27 non-fictions (only ... sigh)


I'm back because I liked how my previous time on Booklikes helped me focus my reading on my paid TBR (instead of mostly freebies and library books), I met some wonderful people and hope to reacquaint with them (those who are still around) and also meet new friends. Plus, right here is a good space to organize reading projects. Here's hoping Booklikes doesn't crash and burn any time soon :P


Oh, and before I forget to mention it, my name is Yasmin. I'll put up a short 'about me' thingy soon.