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We Need(ed) a Holiday!
We Need(ed) a Holiday!

The photo is of Vigie Beach in Castries, St Lucia. George F L Charles Airport, the smaller of our two airports, is directly behind us.


This past Thursday and Friday were weird days; we had a midweek holiday and I kept thinking Thursday was Monday and Friday did not feel like itself.


May 1 is Labour Day (aka International Workers' Day) and we always celebrate it with a public holiday. So, on Wednesday, with our tools downed, we took to the beach to relax. It was a nice not-too-hot (but windy!) day and, a happy surprise, the beach wasn't all that crowded or noisy. On our way back home we treated ourselves to soft serve ice cream. Definitely a day well-spent.


How did you celebrate Labour Day? Do you get a public holiday?