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In which I return to Narnia ...

The Magician's Nephew - C.S. Lewis The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe - C.S. Lewis

It's been wonderful to return to Narnia and by the most direct route this time around. My first foray into that delightful realm was eons ago via audio dramatizations, and I listened to the books in publication order then. I always promised myself I would go back and read the actual books, and do so in chronological order. And so I stepped back in ...


I heartily enjoyed both books, but especially TLTWTW with its themes of hope, forgiveness, sacrifice, and restoration. Deep magic in a simple package.


Everyone plus the whole world have probably read the Chronicles of Narnia already, but if by some remote chance you haven't, I highly recommend that you remedy this oversight immediately. Pronto and ASAP. For therein lies magic deeper still.