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Snowdrift and Other Stories

Snowdrift and Other Stories - Georgette Heyer

Full disclosure - this collection of stories turned out to be more of a reread, as the first 11 are already included in the Pistols for Two collection. I read the latter collection in 2012, so I hope it’s understandable when I say I barely remembered some of the stories.  This aside, they were all delightful romps as usual, with duels, thwarted elopements, incorrigible misses and, that Heyer mainstay, Nonpareils with their many-caped driving coats of white drab.


Have I mentioned yet this was a fun read? Before this collection, my last Georgette Heyer read was almost two years ago and I didn’t realize how much I’d missed her writing, with its exquisite detail and witty dialogue that just cracks me up :-)


Of all the Heyer novels and stories I know about, this collection is the only one I don't yet own. It first debuted at US$14.99 and now sells at US$9.99. As only three of the stories are new-to-me, I find it hard to justify buying the collection at that price. I'm (stubbornly) waiting patiently for a sale.