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May 2019 TBR Update


We're already halfway through the month and I'm a little past the midway point of my May TBR. I've read all the fiction on there (big surprise ...) and I'm at different stages in three of the remaining four books.


I've been listening to The History of the Ancient World with the Voice Dream app and I'm a quarter way through. I hadn't intended going the listening route that far into the book, just maybe 5%-10% to prep myself and to put me in the mood. At which point, the plan was to take up the reading from one of my devices. But now I'm trying to decide whether to continue the listening route or go back to reading from the start. I know I've lost some detail by listening instead of reading but that wouldn't matter much if I was only going for a broad overview. I am enjoying the book perfectly fine so far, and I know I'd only get bogged down in all the footnotes if I were to use my e-reader. Continue listening or start actually reading from the beginning on the Kindle ... I don't know. What do you think?


I completed Glass Houses in Thursday's wee hours and I had the feeling of sleep deprivation all of yesterday for my reward. I enjoyed it overall; the story simmered for 1/3 of the book, then the temperature picked up, with a full-on roiling boil at the end. I'll probably write up something later if my weekend allows. Unusual for me but I have a full social agenda this weekend and I don't anticipate getting much reading done.


Oh, and a big confession - I've only played Monopoly a few times in my life and that was years (and years) ago. I've read all the Booklikes-opoly 2019 posts (thanks so much, Moonlight Reader!!) and I think I'll be ready to start on Monday (May 20) but I'm sure there will be silly questions from me as soon as it gets underway. Y'all have been warned! = D


What are your reading plans for the weekend? Are you following a TBR list? Happy with where you're at?