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Booklikes-opoly 2019 Tracker - UPDATED

Booklikes-opoly 2019 Edition

hosted by Moonlight Reader & Obsidian Blue


Game On! 


May 26

Lots of rolling today, resulting in $5.00 for my bank and three books to read before I can roll again. With these, and my May TBR still open, my week is fully booked!


Opening Bank $20.00



Space Title #Pages Earnings
May 20 9 #9 The Untouched Crime 322 3.00
May 23 6 #14 Organ Hunters 400 3.00
May 26 5 FP N/A N/A 0.00
May 26 7 Robot The Orkney Scroll 284 3.00
May 26 8 #19 The Breaking Point: Short Stories 255 TBA
May 26 12 #30 Parable of the Sower 356 TBA
May 26 7 GO N/A N/A 5.00
May 26 7 #7 The Misremembered Man 325 TBA
Current Balance: $34.00


May 25

So I still wasn't satisfied with my tracking post (it's the frigging perfectionist in me, sigh) and I'm tweaking it once again. I'm now going with a progress table (I took inspiration from everyone who shared theirs - thank you!) which will include links to my individual roll posts and any applicable reviews. This seems easiest to manage and appears the least cluttered.


I have no idea how to create a table in a post so I'm using an image which I'll have to change out with each update.


With Ani pointing me in the right direction and Jenn/MbD giving permission to use her source code as a base, I now have a nicely formatted table - I love it :-)))


May 23

I've completed my first book and I'm now ready for my next roll. Going forward I think I'll change how I manage my updates. I want to keep this post for overall tracking but maybe not put so much detail in it but leave these extras for a separate post for each book I complete. That way, the tracking post won't get too cluttered and unwieldy. Or something like that. I reserve the right to change my mind again. And again =D 



May 19

Booklikes-opoly 2019 starts tomorrow (May 20) and I'm super-excited to get rolling (ahem =D). The plan is to use one update post (maybe this one; haven't decided yet), though I'll probably do other related posts from time to time as well.


I haven't rolled yet - leaving that for tomorrow. In addition to an update post, I'll be using a spreadsheet (the one Themis-Athena shared) because why not - I like them :-)


I also printed out the board (and I'm using physical dice) but my printer is stubbornly refusing to print in colour (though it has ink) so I'll print from work tomorrow. That monochrome look is not working for me at all. I plan to laminate my board as well. I know; I tend to get compulsive about things! ;-)


To aid (but not abet!!) me in my game play is my Little Friend:



(He was given to me by a friend when I took up mobile photography as a hobby, to help with my macro obsession. He has never revealed his actual name but claims his biography was written by Donna Tartt;  I have strong doubts about that. Neither of us has read it; I haven't because I'm afraid it will irrevocably change the dynamics of our relationship, and he hasn't because of his visual issues (um, that fixed stare, anyone?). Aside from my daily admonitions that staring is rude, we get along fine and he is happy to assist with Booklikes-opoly. So, everyone, say hello to my Little Friend =D)