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what i'm reading, that's all ... 

In which I wave madly ...


and shout loudly, "I'm here! I'm here! I'm still here!"


I haven't been around lately because my pleasure reading has slowed down in the past two weeks. I'm working on a personal project and my eyes have been troubling me. I work all day on the computer, then I come home and I'm once again on some screen or other. My poor eyes are not happy with me right now. 


I saw the eye specialist this past Saturday and I should be getting my new glasses between this week and the next. I'm so looking forward to new eyes - the struggle to read at night is real :(


I still have one book (Parable of the Sower) left to read from my last BL-opoly roll. I want to get back into the game - I kinda miss rolling =D


And I have to make time to go around and see what everyone has been up to. But I need my glasses for all that.


So, how has your past week been?