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Always Ready

Always Ready - Susan Page Davis

This was an easy, breezy quick read. It follows Caddie and Aven as they forge a solid relationship despite the challenges of their jobs with the US Coast Guard which, most times, have them going in different locations from each other. The characters have some internal conflict but little conflict with each other. That secret from the past thing? It was interesting but mostly just fizzle.


As for the internal conflict, Caddie is insecure about her job; with a superior who seems to be out to undermine her, she’s not sure if she can cut it or if she even wants to. Aven is worried about his family; his mother, sister and grandfather are all pulling to make ends meet since his father’s death, and even though he’s helping out financially, he’s still torn as to whether he should quit the Coast Guard and move back home.


There is a small storyline about drug smuggling and the theft of native art objects that makes up for the lack of interpersonal conflict.


I liked the characters and the way they expressed their faith; it was alive and real to them. I liked how Aven constantly reminded Caddie of God’s sovereignty in all circumstances. With much so-called Christian fiction (especially the romance variety), you sometimes get a ton of vague God-talk, without even one mention of Jesus Christ. At first I thought it would be like that but I was happy to be proved wrong.


A cute, uncomplicated and predictable story; not all that exciting but I liked it.

"... when I think of our motto [*], I don’t just think of being ready to fulfill my duties or being ready to help people in trouble. I think about being ready for whatever God brings my way.”

[* semper paratus (always ready) - motto of the US Coast Guard]

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