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Echoes: Neo-Victorian Poetry

Echoes, Neo-Victorian Poetry - Janice T.




Echoes is a lovely collection of rhyming poems, elegant and witty. Most are wonderful, a few need editing (I found typos). I enjoyed this collection a lot and I plan to pick up her second volume, Echoes II: More Neo-Victorian Poetry, soon.






An excerpt from Mr Bleak’s Tomatoes
The land was thin, exhausted, bled,
Where Mr. Bleak’s tomatoes fed
On substances contrived to force
A hastening of Nature’s course.
Globes of sunlight, pipe-fed shower
‘Neath a vaulted plastic bower,
Lavished with a lethal spray
To keep all other life at bay.

Thus did Bleak’s tomatoes grow,
Mile upon mile and row by row.

Source: http://lucianyaz.booklikes.com/post/1239254/echoes-neo-victorian-poetry