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Breath Marks

Breath Marks: Haiku to Read in the Dark - Gary Hotham

outside the door




A beautiful, elegant collection of 81 haiku poems, most of them inspired by the winter season, though the other seasons are also represented. The majority are three-liners, but a small few are other lengths, including one, two and four lines:




one line:

the park bench seats two summer dreams


two lines:

deserted tennis court

   wind through the net


four lines:


the daylight gone –

her songs

to her granddaughter


I love every single one, each evocative in some way or other. This is my second read through and, for some of the poems, the meaning remains fixed (like coffee in a paper cup), but a few have new or weightier significance. If you love haiku poems, get this. Also, I’d love some recommendations! I’m definitely buying this collection, Take-Out Window, edited by Gary Hotham. 


waiting up––

one hand warms

the other


(this is one whose meaning has evolved, infused with more, I think, gravitas)


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